Mar 22, 2010

Fourth Trend For Spring: Masculine Elements and Style

Hello again Guys! This trend is just the....Freshest. I cant find any other word to describe it. This trend I call "Masculine Feminine". Basically, it's masculine attire, silhouettes and cuts, but for woman. I've always loved the cut of mens vintage blazers, their style is so straight forward. Sometimes, I'll grab one of my husbands work shirts, button it all the way down, and slap a leather belt around my waste. Then I add sparkly accessories with some nice oxford looking heels. For my readers i suggest to do NO more then two really masculine pieces, then "Fem" out the rest. An example look would be a mens blazer, over a stripey tank paired with bermudas in the same color as the blazer with oxfords! Keep in mind your silhouette, meaning make sure there is a balance to your look. When shopping for pieces, go for a vintage pattern and cut. The accessories i suggested is masculine but feminine, with a little bit of flirt. Notice that shoulder pads are in for jackets and blazers, and i heard through the grape vine that 80's is now considered vintage, so don't be afraid to add those elements. Bags shouldn't be to flashy, so just a nice solid color would do. Don't be afraid to throw a preppy vest on with a vintage Mickey Mouse tee, and with some pants. Jewelry can be long chains with wrist watches. Because of cell phones, wrist watches have become just like a bracelets. Also, feel free to add converse to your look, but make sure its in a nice neutral color. Pocket watches are in too, and the thrift stores usually have beautiful ones. Be sure to add the fedoras, and dangles earrings. AWWWW so CUTE!

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