Mar 18, 2010

Third Trend for Spring: Very short shorts.

Short shorts everyone! This trend will definitely turn heads. Wear short shorts with vintage pieces, and dress it up or down. Take into consideration your comfort level, shorts can be Bermuda length and be just as sexy. (Note: Bermuda is mid-thigh length, just above the knee :)). Make sure when you wear them, pair them with strappy heels, Keds, Converse, cute flats, or cute rain boots. Accessories are not necessary, but if you want to "vintage it up" some nice costume faux jewelry in one color would be nice. For ultra vintage factor, get some vintage bracelets and load on one arm with some rings. Fannie packs are cute with short shorts, as well as purses with tiny straps. The accessories should match the look, meaning casual is to casual as fancy is to fancy. Head bands and a sloppy ponytail or bun so ethereal. Or try braids and twists with a lot of hair pins in the same color. When i see short shorts i get the felling of french market on a hot day, so keep the freshness in mind with this look.

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