Mar 19, 2010


Hello Vintage Divas,
I've been busy compiling fashions from various media sources, to provide you with examples of the latest trends, but vintage girly. Now, I'm gonna give you real street vintage, and get your creative juices flowing. This section will have snap shots of everyday people who represent "Girly Vintage" to the fullest.

I would like to intoduce to you :

I was at a restaurant eating with my family, and the fashion gods blessed me with the honor of meeting DIANA. Her outfit is a perfect example of Spring Trends for 2010.

1. The Jacket: This authentic vintage treasure has a beautiful cut, with cute pink flowers on blue/gray fabric. Pieces like these can usually be found in thrift stores or second hand shops. I love those stores, they have unique pieces that are so versatile. Anyway, this was just too cute.

2. The Lace White Vintage Dress: I absolutely love lace in any form of clothing, and the dress had two types. I talked about fabric texture in my previous posts. The way Diana put the outfit together was a good example of putting together pieces that compliment each other. The colors went well together. Lace is angel fabric, just so elegant and delicate but easy to match up.

3.The Brown Boots and leggings: The boots and leggings pulled the entire outfit together, it gave an edge to the soft floral printed jacket, and the delicateness of the lace dress. The boots had a cool faded look to it, which gave the look a relaxed feel. She probably put this outfit together effortlessly, which is a gift, because styling can be tricky.

4.The Bag: (I will upload later but here is my analysis) This bag went perfect. it is gray with interesting detail. I failed to mention earlier, but the boots and bag were purchased over seas. She had no accessories on, but it's not necessary with this outfit, because the pieces where so "eye catching". With pieces like these, you either go with delicate accessories, or none at all.

The best thing to me about Diana's outfit is the contrast of color, and versatility. This outfit can easily be converted into a summer look, by trading the jacket with a vest, and swapping the boots/leggings with strappy leather sandals in a tan or neutral tone, with a clutch. Summer accessories would be light delicate gold or silver.
Diana's style concept is:

" A form of nonverbal communication. I am very conscious of picking out clothes that match my personality and energy. This way when I encounter people on a daily bases if they closely examine my dress they could tell a lot about me. Besides this social aspect of fashion, I love the game of dressing up. I love finding new pieces of clothes that make me feel good wearing it and that attract me by its textures and colors."- Diana

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