Jan 2, 2011

Spring RTW 2011 : Alexis Mabille

This is so beautiful,
Wow, just when i was getting used to the same old color palettes designers use for Spring year after year. Here comes a designer that woke up my senses. This lovely spring 2011 collection belongs to Alexis Mabille. Tim Blanke reviewed Alexis Mabille's collection on www.style.com, and I must say it was harsh. I mean, sure some parts of the collection did seem out of place, but that was only like 4 outfits. To call the blouse towards the end of the line up a "Doilie" well, come now, hardly. This collection was ultra girly with a ballerina type of vibe, with empire wast dress, striped fabric with lace trim and beautiful ruffles and bows. Just lovely, but considering that this is MY type of style, maybe I'm a bit biast. Or maybe Tim Blanke was being biast, maybe he doesn't like the girly fru fru look. I do, but what do you think? let ya voice be heard.

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