Jan 29, 2011

Dolce and Gabana spring 2011

Now before i review this BEAUTIFUL collection, let me say that today, Yahoo had the ever loving nerve to say that Kate Bosworth was a "fashion victim" or had a fail attempt to pull off this years lace trend. O.K maybe she shouldn't have worn the bomber jacket with it, but that dress they think is a fail is apart of the Dolce and Gabana collection, and it is NOT a fail, actually! Its a lovely blend of delicate lace intricately place amongst floral pattern in silk. Or the dress in the middle with the animal prints, just gives such a delicate flare to such a hard print. Yahoo, when the hell did you become a fashion expert NO ONE is a fashion expert, and do you know why? Because Fashion is SUBJECTIVE! What you might find odd, another might find beautiful, its art when you come down to it. Its that individuals interpretation of that silhouette or cut! So back off Yahoo!

O.k, had to get that off my chest, now this collection is screaming spring. Off white is the trending color for s/s 2011 runway collections. I just wish D&G used more pastel colors, they just used the green vintage floral patterns, and that's o.k, but picture it with pastel like pink, orange even purple! but hey, that's my opinion. Overall, its a lovely collection, and i didn't add the Long ankle length dress that every magazine seems to want to slap on every cover model or celeb that graces their pages. The dress i speak of looks like the second one in this pic, just floor length and full. well that's that, and be sure to check out FASHIFY.com fro my latest posts.

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