Apr 19, 2010

Changes Changes Changes


To my blogger, i understand their has been some changes to the look of my site. Let me explain. Yeah.....it got a little to fru fru to me. I wanted something more me, so i created my own art work, and decided to put more of my personality into my blog. Ive seen a lot of other blogs, and decided that I wanted to post more pictures of my life, as well as updates and ideas of trends. I felt like i wasn't being relaxed in my postings. i wanted to be more creative in everything i do, so i revamped my blog, and updated my style. I love vintage and Ive always tried to incorporate it in my everyday outfits, but until i got on Chictopia, i didn't realize how many different vintage there was. There are some sharp dressers. Being on that site has made me more aware of my styling and helped me to focus on what i think needs work. Its so easy to dress other people, but when it comes to myself, it gets so difficult cause I second guess myself. Well, I feel better with the changes, and i hope you like it too.

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