Apr 10, 2010

Burlap/Straw Sac! Customize

I call them burlap/straw sacs because of the material used to make it. First off, let me say that I'm inspired by ViVi Magazine, I love Japan, and when i visit (hopefully this year:) I will bring back tons of goodies for my followers. Any who, I had to post this trend for spring/summer. I see bags like these at the dollar store and Marshall's all the time. They go for like $4.99 usually, and what these examples show is how to CUSTOMIZE to the fullest! Add lace, get a bedazzler, and go wild! I recently bought one, it has blue in it, and I'm going to add buttons to it. I will post when i to it. I see some plain ones at the Marshall's in my neighborhood, and I'm adding lace to it. My point is, be creative, and rock the look. As you can see, these girls are going with the whole "hippie" look, long dresses, and some just have a nice blouse with jeans. Make sure you add the bag with an ultra feminine look. Also, be on the look out for straw bags with actual FORM, like the girls in the blue jumper. Have fun!

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