Apr 26, 2010


Im very pleased to add a second addition to this section. I introduce to you

I was hanging out with my fam during the festival, and spotted Sonny. I was very fortunate, because I walked all over, and saw some good candidates, but they were missing something. I couldn't put my finger on it.....the camera button. I mean no one was authentic vintage, so yeah, Sonny was sent from the "Fashion Gods". She's unique, stylish, has a great personality, pretty and exactly what vintage represents in my opinion. Her whole look was on point, and so lets get started:

The Dress: This beautiful blue dress, came from a Vintage store call Rag-o-Rama, and is polyester material with lace detail at the top and bottom trim. I love the versatility of this dress, its not too heavy, and the color isn't overly bright. Its very feminine and was perfect for the occasion.

The Accessories: I feel so bad that I didn't get a closer pic because the accessories are beautiful. I think she said her rings and necklace were silver vintage with colored stones, and her watch she said she bought at the festival. The red shades were from Rag-o-Rama.

The Shoes: These yellow strappy or "peek a boo" hells, as some would call them, also came from Rag-o-Rama. They were so cute and went well with the dress. Everything had a nice color contrast.

The overall look was stunning, and to me, she was a walking vintage master piece :)

Sonny's Style Concept is:

"Style to me is the visual expression of my current mood. I mostly enjoy the Vintage look because it just seems elegant to me. I grew up always playing in my grandmothers jewelry and clothes and I just always loved the thought of time being captured in that way. Even adding a vintage accessory to an up-to-date top or dress makes for a great outfit to me. Plus its fun to mix different styles!" -Sonny

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