Feb 20, 2011

Spring RTW 2011 collection: ERDEM

Erdem, I love it.
This collections is everything i could love about my personal style! I love classic vintage floral patterns, and Lace. The colors are so rich and beautiful, even the off white. The harmony of the textures is just wonderful. He is a designer that to me invest time and lots of energy into his collection. opon reviewing the collection there where some peices that reminded me of Dolce & Gabana spring collection, but then i remember that collection didnt have the bold reds and multi colored pattern like Erdem. I've seen kate bosworth ware the red dress, as well as some other celebs. He is definitly a designer to watch.

1 comment:

  1. I love how floral patterns are in again! So feminine and SOOOO 40s!