Jun 18, 2010

Neutrals I'm Loving

Look at these shoes! and the overall style. I'm feelin' these trench coats too. And yes i did try to buy the basket weave heels with the bow and low and behold my size is was gone :( Phooey! But I'm use to that. You know what? I wish shoe companies would make more size 8 to 10 shoes. Everywhere I go, it seems that their sold out and then all the tiny feet people have like the cutest shoes that no one buys, so then they go on sale for a dirt cheep price! UGH! but enough of me belly aching. I decided that since I'm not "all over Vintage" all the time, that i would be "Cherry Fashion" and just swing it that way, and more quality content and better pictures are coming too so as always thanks for baring with me and tell me what you think of the new look

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