Nov 3, 2011

Big Ups to Shiro Style!

So I love Shiro STyle, Im apart of the Lolita Society in my city! I love it! ONe of these days I will be posting all about Lolita, but for now I'm just going to post about the types of Lolita I love. Shiro Lolita is the first one I'd like to discuss, this is one of my favorites. Basically it's Lolita but a Lolita that wears nothing but white and dawns the traditional wears o a Lolita but all white. Check the picture above to get the Idea. See, what I think is that this is completely a girly girl style. To some it's a lifestyle to some it's just a fashion sub culture.

Thanks Kera Magazine and the Lolita Bible for the borrowed pics. Just wanna put that out there. These lovely pics are from google and magazines and for viewing purposes only! It says it at the bottom.....O.k enough of me being paranoid. till next post.

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